I'm Anthony


for the critically acclaimed band Sevdaliza


of a recording studio in The Netherlands


for 36 students at my school.


of everything interesting around me


I am Anthony Marck Amirkhan.

I'm a Drummer, Photographer & Founder of a Recording, Rehearsal space and Music school in Aalsmeer & drummer for Sevdaliza
As the drummer of the internationally acclaimed band Sevdaliza, I've been part of the sold out "The Wanderess Tour". That spanned many countries on the continents of America ( North and South), Australia, Europe and Asia.

Coast to coast

We have had concerts in the following locations
Moscow, Tbilisi, Paris, New York, Austin, Paris, Oslo, Gothenburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Warschau, Berlin, Helsinki, Kopenhagen, Brussel, Lissabon, Reykjavik, Wenen, Zurich, Bucharest , Toronto, Los Angeles, New Mexico, London, Istanbul, Ljubliana, Milaan, Brisbane, Hobart, Sidney, Melbourne, Köln, Sofia, Budapest, San Francisco, San Diego, Madeira, Washington DC, Hongkong, Taipei, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Matera, Serbia, Gdynya, Kiev and many more.
Anthonydrums + Silver Note Studios

A Creative Space

My Recording, rehearsal studio and music school
At the age of 21 I decided, after studying different subjects like computer technology and leisure management, to start up a company: a recording, rehearsal studio and music school under the name Silver Note Studios. We now have close to 80 students and are growing.

The studio has become a place where we rehearse with the band and where other artist come to record.

The studio has premium quality gear and mics.
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Full Disclosure

including explosions and more action
I started my drum lessons at a music school close to my parents’ house in a place called Holendrecht. I would go there after school once every week. My teachers were Henry Wijnhard and Roberto Haliffi. 

Henry Wijnhard would soon move on and create his own private drum school, and I decided to follow him there because of the quality of his lessons.
About seven years later I decided (at the age of 21), after studying different subjects like computer technology and leisure management, to start up a company with my brother:

I'm still teaching to 36 students every week.

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I would love to share the passion for drums with you or your kids!
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