My name is Anthony Marck Amirkhan

and i eat lasagna faster
than most people.

about me.

I was born in April 1989, and I’ve been playing drums for as long as I can remember. I think it was obvious for my parents that I had a passion for rhythm. This is where my career started and I’m still working hard on it. Wanna know more? Scroll down!


I started my drum lessons at a music school close to my parents’ house in a place called Holendrecht. I would always go there after school. My teachers were Henry Wijnhard and Roberto Haliffi.

Henry Wijnhard would soon move on and create his own private drum school, and I decided to follow him there because of the quality of his lessons.

About seven years later I decided, after studying different subjects like computer technology and leisure management, to start up a company with my brother: a rehearsal studio and music school under the name Silver Note Studios. We now have close to 70 students and are growing. We are also branching out to short films because of our passion for visuals and sound.

After spending a lot of time teaching and making YouTube videos about drums and playing for many smaller and bigger acts, I received endorsements from multiple companies, namely: Istanbul Cymbals, Ludwig Drums, Balbex Sticks, and Sleeved Washers.

I cofounded the company Shed Sessions Worldwide together with Fabian Benjamins. Shed Sessions is a movement for music talent development – sharing music, sharing musical concepts, networking, clinics, inspiration, and learning how to become better musicians. We’ve had many events in The Netherlands and even hosted one in New York City. All of our events have been featured in Slagwerk Krant and Modern Drummer. We’ve had many prestigious guest clinicians, including Calvin Rodgers, Shariq Tucker, Isaiah Johnson, Jamal Moore, and even Brian Frasier Moore.

Eventually, I realized I missed playing on stage together with other musicians. I decided to do one more audition – for the amazing Sevdaliza – and the craziest part is that I actually got the job. No more than a month after this audition, I was playing for her in Denmark. This is really one of the greatest projects I’ve been a part of.

This brings us to today. If you’d like to follow me, I will make sure to update you on everything I do. And thanks to the people who actually read everything I wrote.

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    That totally happened.

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    first music school

    Started out in regional music school studying under Henry Wijnhard and Roberto Haliffi.

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    private lessons

    Followed Henry Wijnhard to his private school.

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    Chose to pursue my drums after finishing computer technology studies and studying event and leisure management.

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    silver note studios

    Created a company called Silver Note Studios with my brother.

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    Got an endorsement deal with Istanbul Cymbals, Ludwig Drums, Balbex Sticks, and Sleeved Washers.

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    shed sessions worldwide

    Cofounded the company Shed Sessions Worldwide.

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    Started playing for the artist Sevdaliza

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    Became teacher of around 36 students weekly.

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    remo artist

    Became part of the Remo drumhead family. This one was high on my bucket list

I did 10 things in my life.

playing drums for at least

drum videos viewed

lasagnas eaten

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my other company.

This is the music school that my brother and i started in 2012. follow this link

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