I am Anthony Marck Amirkhan. I'm a Drummer, Photographer & Founder of a Recording, Rehearsal space and Music school in Aalsmeer.

I was born in April 1989, and I’ve been playing drums for as long as I can remember. I think it was obvious for my parents that I had a passion for rhythm. This is where my career started and I’m still working hard on it.

I am the drummer for the internationally acclaimed band Sevdaliza.
I am Officially Endorsed by Remo Drumheads, Roland, Ultrasone & Native Instruments and I play Tama Drums.

Just below here you can check out some photography of the tours I’ve been on. Or you can check my Youtube that is filled with drumcovers or connect with me on Facebook. Or you could do none of those things and order a pizza instead.



When I was about twenty-one I decided, after studying different subjects like computer technology and leisure management, to start up a company with my brother: a rehearsal studio and music school under the name Silver Note Studios. 


Want a perfect place to rehearse? Book a rehearsal room at my studio


Take a look around my channel and you’ll find drumcovers and also some small behind the scenes footage of festivals and gigs.

 This is a short clip of our tour in 2019


Want drumlessons from me? Shoot me a message here

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